Season 2 – The Original Outlaw Racer “Driving Fast and Taking Chances”

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It’s finally here!  Season 2 – “The Pikes Peak Saga!”  This is the continuation of Big Red – The Original Outlaw Racer Docu-series previously only available on Amazon, NOW on DVD & Blu-ray in this handy dual format package.  This 4 part series picks up where the NBCSN shows left off at the end of 2015 after Big Red captured the Title: “World’s Fastest ’69 Camaro” and the Team decided it was time to do some road racing again.  More specifically – for the first time ever – The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.  In this series you’ll have unprecedented access inside the shop to a massive overhaul and preparation on Big Red as they get her ready for the world’s most incredible hill climb.  Tragedy strikes as the Team suffers a major setback (No spoilers here).  But the story continues and we are confident you won’t won’t blink for hours as the incredibly dedicated Team and Driver seek to conquer “America’s Mountain” and put yet another feather in Big Red’s highly decorated cap.


  • DVD & Blu-ray combo pack wallet (If you’ve got a BR player, share the DVD’s with a friend)

  • 4 Episode series – 4 & 1/4 Hours of shows

  • First time ever available on Disc

  • Contains 2 Blu-ray and 3 DVD Discs

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