The world's fastest camaro

Big Red Camaro's Vision

To become the pinnacle of automotive excellence and push the boundaries of speed while honoring the legacy of American muscle cars.

We aim to inspire enthusiasts worldwide and leave a lasting mark on the history of motorsport.

RJ Gottlieb, Owner & Driver

1969 Camaro with 2000 horsepower!

The icon of American muscle and the world’s fastest Camaro (266 mph). Racing since 1987, Big Red symbolizes sheer power and speed.

With victories at La Carrera Classic, Silver State Classic, and record speeds at Mojave Magnum, Bonneville, and more, Big Red continues to push speed boundaries, inspiring enthusiasts and marking its legacy in motorsport history.

History Timeline Of BIG RED CAMARO


Upcoming Races & Events

Get ready to ignite your passion for speed and power with Big Red Camaro’s exhilarating lineup for 2024! From the historic tracks of the Permco Vintage Grand Prix to the high-octane showdowns at the Big Bore Bash, join us for a year filled with pulse-pounding races and showcases. Witness this legendary muscle car as it roars past the competition and celebrates automotive excellence at some of the most prestigious events across the country. Buckle up—it’s going to be an unforgettable ride!