Big Bore Bash

Big Bore Bash: A Legacy of Muscle and Speed

Every year, the roar of engines echoes through the arid landscape of Rosamond, California, as Willow Springs International Raceway hosts the much-anticipated Big Bore Bash. This event is not just a race; it’s a celebration of American muscle, power, and the spirit of competition that defines the era of big V8 ground-pounders. Among the stars of this show is the legendary Big Red Camaro, a vehicle that has not only participated but has become a symbol of this historic event’s legacy.

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The Origins and Evolution of Big Bore Bash

The Big Bore Bash is an annual highlight of the Vintage Auto Racing Association (VARA) calendar, dedicated to showcasing classic muscle cars in their element. The race is specially designed for vehicles like Mustangs, Corvettes, Cobras, and of course, Camaros. It’s a tribute to the days when these machines dominated the streets and tracks with their raw power and thrilling performances.

Big Red’s Storied History at the Bash

Big Red, known as the “Baddest Camaro Ever,” has a deep-rooted history with the Big Bore Bash. This ’69 Camaro, driven by RJ Gottlieb, has become a crowd favorite and a fierce competitor over the years. From its early days as a hobby project to becoming a road racing institution, Big Red’s journey has been intertwined with the Bash.

In the 1980s, RJ Gottlieb first cut his teeth at Willow Springs, winning in a Super Production Race Car. Simultaneously, Big Red was making its mark in high-speed “outlaw” events across Mexico and Nevada. It wasn’t until years later that these two paths would converge on the track at Willow Springs, allowing RJ to race Big Red in an event designed for the vehicles that inspired its creation.

Highlights and Memorable Moments

Big Red’s involvement in the Big Bore Bash has been marked by numerous memorable moments. Whether it’s breaking records, overcoming mechanical challenges, or thrilling comebacks, each year adds a new chapter to Big Red’s storied legacy. The Bash provides the perfect backdrop for showcasing Big Red’s capabilities, from its thunderous V8 engine to its iconic, aggressive styling.

RJ and the team have faced everything from gear failures to triumphant podium finishes, each event testing their resilience and engineering prowess. The challenges faced at the Bash have not only demonstrated Big Red’s raw power but also the team’s dedication to continually pushing the boundaries of what this classic muscle car can achieve.


Looking Forward: The Next Chapter

As we approach the next Big Bore Bash scheduled for November 8-10, 2024, anticipation builds for what new achievements and thrilling races will unfold. Big Red will once again take to the track, ready to compete against a field of formidable muscle cars. The team is preparing for another year of high-octane racing, with the goal of not just participating but leaving a mark that resonates with fans and competitors alike.

Big Red’s legacy at the Big Bore Bash is a testament to the enduring allure of American muscle cars and the timeless appeal of pushing the limits. Join us this November to witness history in motion, as Big Red roars onto the track, continuing its legacy of speed, power, and undeniable spirit.

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