Track Testing

big red camaro drivers

This was the first test session for RJ and Big Red since the restoration was completed. The best way to train for Pikes Peak on a racetrack in Southern California is to go to Buttonwillow Raceway near Bakersfield. It’s no secret that RJ has more track time at Willow Springs International Raceway, but it’s a faster course with high grip. Buttonwillow is more like Pikes Peak: lower speed, many turns, and usually dusty.

In preparation for extra cooling for the oil cooler, the crew added two aluminum strips above the oil cooler vents in the lower valance. They helped direct the air coming off the splitter into the vents. The radiator cooling spray was tested, and the added WaterWetter ® was working hard in the midday heat.

Dave or Tim used a Longacre ® tire pyrometer for checking tire temps. The gearing seemed good, but then again, the car is not at the altitude of Pikes Peak. RJ got plenty of seat time, and the suspension setup worked well without pushing the car too hard. RJ can push Big Red harder and fully sort out the car on the next trip to the track.

Jerry Cornelison takes over some cleaning duties from Lorna or Jackie today. Lucas Oil Slick Mist is the product of choice for those who keep Big Red clean at any event.

Both EFI tuners, Eric and Brian, were on hand to watch the numbers of the 555 Beast engine, as this was it’s first track outing. The dyno test session had paid off with no complications.

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