Last Day of Testing: Pre Race

The testing this day was in the Alpine range, which encompasses all of Pikes Peak above 11,500 feet. Today’s pit area is aptly named Devil’s Playground, due to severe weather and lightning strikes. It’s on the west side of the top of Pikes Peak. The team arrives at 4:00 a.m. It’s windy and a cold 36° at 12,780 feet. Today is the last day of testing. If a racing team didn’t sign up for any of the prior test days, this would be the only day to test prior to qualifying. The stars are out, but nobody is sleeping. The guys prewarmed the oil in the trunk-mounted sump tank, then used a drill-mounted pulley and belt looped around the oil pump to circulate the warm oil through the whole system. RJ and Mark took a moment to remember that this is serious, but it’s a blessing to be on the mountain with an incredible team. When sunrise started, it was time to get suited and mount the wheels on the car. Driving up the mountain to the finish line, RJ will encounter bright sunlight, so sunglasses were added to his required safety gear. It’s time to get staged in line with the competition 

and ready to race to the Summit. The sun was up enough for the first run, and there was plenty of light to see dust from a tire spin at the starting line.After a morning on the hill, it’s an afternoon at the hotel servicing Big Red. Mark is loving his Race Ramps Racer Mat while he cleans gear oil residue off the differential. Eric checks continuity on a wiring harness. The solid sway bar end-link is bright and shiny because Tim found a small fracture in one rod end, so he replaced both. Larry didn’t let a car on jack stands get in his way, he had work to do so they can get put away BIG RED and get some rest for tomorrow’s qualifying