When RJ is going to drive in traffic (a race or a track day when other cars will be on the course), the crew installs a set of Spa Design Racing Products sideview mirrors. In order to mount the mirrors, Dave made tabs to the A-pillar rollcage bar. With the cage bars, it’s much easier for RJ to see the mirrors mounted to the cage, rather than outside the car on the doors (as from the factory).

First, Dave tacked the bracket to the rollcage. Then Tim used a tape measure and a level to the make sure the mirrors are in the correct location (viewable by Dave sitting in the driver’s seat). Once Tim was happy with the placement, Dave finished welding the tabs to the cage.

Sticking with the factory equipment theme, RJ uses a ’69 Camaro rearview mirror. It even has the night and day switch on the bottom of the mirror. Since RJ doesn’t do a lot of racing in “traffic,” there’s never been the need to install a wide racing mirror, and it would detract from keeping the car looking as original as possible. Many fans have expressed that all of the factory equipment is what they really love about the car.

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