Daniel Gottlieb (Team Founder 1940-2024)

Daniel Gottlieb
Dan Gottlieb is the visionary force behind the legendary Big Red Camaro, a car that has become synonymous with speed, power, and racing excellence. With a deep passion for automotive engineering and racing, Dan embarked on a mission to create a vehicle that would redefine the limits of performance and endurance.
From the inception of Big Red in 1987, Dan’s unwavering dedication and meticulous attention to detail have driven the Camaro to countless victories and record-breaking performances on some of the most challenging tracks. His innovative approach to car design and relentless pursuit of perfection have earned Big Red a revered status in the racing community.
Under Dan’s leadership, Big Red has not only dominated the racing circuits but also captured the imagination of car enthusiasts worldwide. His commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible has turned Big Red into a symbol of American muscle and ingenuity.
Beyond the track, Dan’s legacy is one of inspiration and excellence, proving that with vision, hard work, and a relentless drive, any dream can become a reality. Today, Big Red Camaro continues to blaze trails and set new standards, all thanks to the pioneering spirit of Dan Gottlieb.

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