Bill Osborne (Chassis Builder)

Bill and our family were blessed to be a part of the Big Red story. Bill raced and built cars since the day I met him, and was involved in racing throughout his life. Our children grew up at the races, and were excited when the Big Red adventure came along. Jaime was 12, and Annette was 9, and that time is a great memory of their childhood days. We all were excited when we heard that Big Red was making a comeback. It came to us at a difficult point of life, as Bill was in his final days. How great for him to know that the car he built so many years before was once again out there doing what it was meant to do!

One day, in the final year of Bill’s life, he told me that he felt blessed that he had gotten to do what he loved all of his life. Big Red is a part of Bill’s story, one of the things that he loved.

The Big Red's Crew