Home History 1996 | Big Red is put away for a few years (1996)

1996 | Big Red is put away for a few years (1996)

big red engine
The Outlaw Retires

For reasons no one can really remember, Big Red was sent out to pasture. Dan Gottlieb loaned the car to Don Laughlin’s Auto Museum in Laughlin, NV where it sat and was admired for nearly 10 years.  Maybe it was that she had already done so much, cast into the spotlight and constantly forced to exceed expectations that any normal car would cower from.Maybe it was just that her driver, the only man who had ever piloted her, had to go to the east coast where school and work were waiting. In any event, she sat comfortably in the museum adjacent to the casino where over the years tens if not hundreds of thousands of passerby looked on and admired her.

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