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2005 | NORC (Z2Z Challenge – 5/15/05)

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Dusting Off the Cobwebs

Big Red comes out of hibernation and returns to Ely where it all began. Upgrades to Big Red included a litany of 21st century technology to keep current as things had advanced greatly in the performance auto industry in a mere 10 years. They would add safety countermeasures, improved racing seats, more reinforcing of the roll cage and better brakes among the many mechanical improvements. This of course was in response to the most remarkable upgrade to Big Red in the form of an all new 598 cubic inch Larry Mollicone crafted power plant that produces nearly 1100 horsepower! It had been a long time since the car had been put through the paces so the team chose to participate only in the Baer Brakes sponsored Z2Z Challenge – an acceleration/deceleration contest where participants have a maximum of 1 mile to achieve top speed and then bring it to a halt as quickly as possible. Big Red again took top honors in the contest.

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