Big Red has been equipped with different manual transmissions over the years that placed the shifter to the left of the transmission. This time they chose the G-Force GSR four-speed transmission to race up Pikes Peak. It utilizes a center-mounted Long internal-rail shifter, which places the stick directly in the center of the new transmission tunnel. Tim was tasked with installing a heat-resistant NASCAR-mandated shifter boot from Thermal Control Products. He cut a trim ring to fit around the base of the shifter boot to give it rigidity and seal it to the transmission tunnel. Then, Tim formed it to the curvature of the tunnel and installed Nutserts so it could be bolted down and kept serviceable. When RJ stopped by the shop, Tim had him sit in the seat and test the position of the shifter.

RJ decided that it needed to be angled closer to his seat so he didn’t have to extend his arm too far to shift. When he’s belted in completely, he has to be able to reach all the controls comfortably. The new Long shifter stick was cut and tack welded with a slight angle change. When it was in the correct position, Dave finished welding it. With the shifter position dialed, the shifter boot could be installed. The standard shift knob eventually was replaced with a personalized Big Red shifter knob, custom made by Speed Dawg Shift Knobs. The Velcro ® strap and the little steel grommets at the top of the boot are used to cinch and seal the top of the boot to the shifter stick.