The Land Speed/Top Speed setup uses a B&M Stealth Pro Ratchet shifter to control the 4L80E automatic transmission. The old automatic shifter location was cut out during the first rebuild, so Dave had to fabricate a whole new shifter mounting bracket. Before he could do so, the seat and the fire extinguisher controls had to be installed. This way, he’ll know if there were any obstacles that may impede the shifter’s operation.

The shifter’s new pedestal mount is tied into the cage structure around the transmission tunnel. Dave built the shifter’s pedestal to be removable. It’s another modular piece that can be removed when switching from Land Speed/Top Speed mode to Road Racing mode. Knowing that the parachutes are only used with the Land Speed/Top Speed shifter, Dave added the parachute controls to the shifter pedestal.

When the crew converts from manual trans to the automatic trans, the guys will install a block-off plate in place of the manual trans shifter boot and install the automatic trans shifter pedestal assembly. Making everything as modular as possible only will help the team in the long run.