The true meaning of hot rodding is the modification of any part on a car to improve performance or to look unique. With the Edelbrock Victor Jr. EFI intake manifold for a big-block Chevy being used, the team honored that old tradition of hot rodding, but maybe not so much on looks. After a disappointing first dyno test session using the basic stock manifold setup for the 565 engine, it was decided that another manifold setup was required for the 555 Beast engine. Dave went online and found a manifold for the requirements needed for EFI, height, and airflow. An Accufab throttle body was used, as it was the shortest throttle body available. The height of the Edelbrock Victor Jr. manifold is below six inches, and was exactly what the team needed so a large four-inch air cleaner could be used.

The Edelbrock manifold then was modified for volume to fit what Larry’s entire engine build required. The manifold’s air chamber was enlarged and the internal chambers and ports were smoothed for maximum performance. Dave made the custom water neck with water out to the radiator with a water sensor for a gauge. The electronic sensor is located at the front of the manifold.