Fan Fest: Downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado

It’s Friday afternoon in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado. Big Red had put on about 180-miles plus speed testing on Pikes Peak. The excellent performance of Big Red had taken some pressure off the team so they could enjoy showing off their pride and joy at the 2017 Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Fan Fest. The event was packed with fans from the local and surrounding communities who came out to support the racing event. The amount of local car enthusiasts seems to be much higher per capita in Colorado Springs than where Big Red calls home in Southern California. Comments overheard coming from Fan Fest goers stopping by Big Red’s booth were overwhelmingly positive. Multiple people commented that they had looked forward to seeing Big Red the previous year and were sorry to hear it didn’t make it. They followed up with positive comments that they were happy to see Big Red persevere and make it out for 2017. There
were many other positive comments in support of how beautiful it was, and how they were happy to see a muscle car running the “Race to the Clouds.The team brought Big Red posters, hats, shirts, and 1/64-scale diecast cars for special fans. The large stack of posterswas gone in no time. 

RJ was signing them faster than the time it takes to shift from first to second gear coming out of Cog Cut hairpin turn near the finish line. RJ also took photos with everyone who asked; he really loves the fans. An event like this allows RJ and the crew to connect with current fans and make new ones. Customer #1 your pizza is ready! Bambino’s Urban Pizzeria served a delicious pizza for the #1 Camaro at Pikes Peak. The Big Red crew answered thousands of questions and shared just as many stories. It was a good time all around