Big Red Camaro Car

Big Red has always run with some sort of number decals. With only a few exceptions since 1988, Big Red has run with its signature #1 on the doors and hood. One exception is the 111 used at Pikes Peak. At Pikes Peak, #1 is typically reserved for the winning car from the prior year. It was decided that the number 111 would allow Big Red to keep the signature 1, but with two smaller 1s on either side. The diameter of the decal was increased slightly to keep the 1 its original size. The font of the 1 on the doors had changed a few times between 1988 and 2004. Oddly enough, the 1 on the hood was in a different font than the multiple styles used on the door. In the end, the long-time font used for the hood 1 was the style used on the doors since 2004, when Big Red was restored after being pulled out of the Laughlin, Nevada, museum.

The decals have arrived from Kasch Graphics. Rob Kasch temporarily positions the large gumball with the 111 on the door, held in place with magnets. This allows Rob

to move it around so the proper spacing to the website decal can be checked. In the foreground you can see Tim checking decal positioning in a photo taken at Goodguys car show in 2015.

A great moment in the build: Dave had the honor of pulling the paper off the Big Red window decal to commemorate the last piece that labels Big Red for what it is. There are additional number decals in the rear, but those are the “No 55 speed limit” decals on the rear bumper to give the middle finger to the National Maximum Speed Law enacted in 1974 to reduce the maximum speed on all highways to 55 mph. Big Red scoffs at speeds four times that limit! The speed limit laws have changed, but the decals remain because they are part of Big Red’s heritage.

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