Once the chassis was media blasted, the visual inspection of the frame and cage was performed by Tim. The cage has come a long way over the years to make it meet SCCA requirements along with other minor updates. For safety reasons, the cage went through many changes to make it stronger and also to improve ingress and egress. Extra gussets were added to the sides of the frame rectangular rail joints and underneath them for extra strength. A few of the welded joints were touched up. An extra brace was added to the upper rear shock mount. Tim test fit a brace to attach the four-link brackets to the rollcage. The new fuel-cell cage was added so the cell could be swapped out from the bottom instead of through the top. The bar behind the dash was used to solidly mount the new master-cylinder reservoir assembly. Tim also fabricated steering column mounts for the new racing column. The loop is a catch for the Land Speed door window quick-release latch.

When driving over 120 mph, the low-pressure area around the sides of the car pulls the windows away from the car. The latch keeps the side windows in place.