big Red Camaro car Repair

Dave and the team have been really happy with Eric Rhee and his dyno-tuning services at Westech Performance Group, so it was time for Eric to work
his magic on the Holley EFI. The engine already had been tuned on the engine dyno, but the proof is in the chassis dyno. The drivetrain puts a load on the engine that cannot be fully duplicated on an engine dyno, so the engine and the tune will act different on the chassis dyno. Eric added two more tunes to the car, which can be selected with a turn of a key.

During tuning, there were some intense flames shooting from the exhaust pipes, reminiscent of what you might see at Le Mans. When all was said and done, The Beast’s best pull after tuning was 861 horsepower and 680 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels. Larry was happy with Eric’s tuning prowess. It was also a testament to Larry’s engine designing and building skills.