Dave needed to mount fire-suppression system cables, parachute cables, the main electrical shutoff switch, and the cable that operates the fuel safety shutoff valve for the ProCharged Land Speed/Top Speed engine. He fabricated a separate control center for the fire system controls and electrical shutoff, because they will be used in both Road Race and Land Speed/Top Speed modes. The DJ Safety parachute release levers and fuel-shutoff cable are strictly for the Land Speed/Top Speed setup, so they were mounted to the Land Speed/Top Speed shifter module. The fire and electrical control unit is attached on a pedestal mounted to the passenger-seat mounts in the floor. It’s placed to the right of the shifter within RJ’s reach when he’s in his safety harness and arm restraints.

In 2013, Dave built a receiver on the rear of Big Red’s chassis behind the license plate. Then he built a parachute mount, which doubles as a push bar. The whole assembly slides into the receiver. When the parachutes are installed, the trunk lock cylinder is removed and the chute cables are threaded through the lock hole. It’s all designed to be invisible when Big Red is in Road Race mode. Big Red ran a single parachute at El Mirage in May and June, 2013. The SCTA rulebook requires a second parachute for vehicles exceeding 300 mph. Knowing Big Red had a lot of potential on Bonneville’s five-mile course, Dave added a second parachute while preparing Big Red for Bonneville Speed Week in August 2013. The team has used the pair of DJ Safety parachutes at all Land Speed/ Top Speed events since then.