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Silver State Classic

Big Red returns to the race that made it famous.  In 1989 18 year old RJ Gottlieb and co-pilot Joe Pettitt from “Hot Rod Magazine” set out on a race that would change the course of motorsports history forever.  At a time when European exotic sports cars had nearly erased every triumph of classic American motorcars, a devastatingly brutal ’69 Camaro emerged onto the scene and left them all in the dust.  With a top speed of over 220MPH, RJ and Joe completed the 90 mile race in under 29 minutes and 54 seconds, shattering the record and putting American Muscle Cars back on top.  Joe went on to chronicle the experience in an unforgettable article for “Hot Rod Magazine” and the rest as they say, was history.

Now, more than 20 years later, RJ and Joe are teaming up again and heading back to the open highways of Nevada to take on all competitors with the legendary Big Red.

Vintage Auto Racing: Big Bore Bash

RJ and the Crew take Big Red out to their home track: Willow Springs International Raceway.  It was here in the 80’s that RJ first cut his teeth and took the overall win in a Super Production Race Car.  Simultaneously, while they were running Big Red at those “outlaw” events in Mexico and Nevada, the Gottlieb’s were also campaigning a small IMCA Series race team at some of the most iconic racetracks around the country, nowhere more so than Willow Springs.  But never could the two meet, RJ drove hundreds of laps in his GTS car and Big Red was always for the open road events.

Now, more than 20 years later, these two worlds will collide as Big Red takes on all the quintessential vintage Muscle Cars.  From Mustangs to Corvettes and Cobra’s, every year the Vintage Auto Racing Association hosts the annual event at Willow Springs called ‘The Big Bore Bash”: a tribute to Big Bad American Muscle Cars. The showdown wouldn’t be complete without the Baddest Camaro Ever: Big Red.

The Texas Mile

RJ and Big Red take on a new kind of speed contest: The Flying Mile.  This up and coming form of racing is a weekend warrior, “run what ya brung”, speed attack that measures one thing and one thing only: top speed on a paved one mile.  Some of the nastiest tuner cars in the country will make their way to this little air strip in Texas to do battle.

This is a new challenge for Big Red and the team.  Going fast for 100 miles is one thing, top speed and acceleration in a short distance is something else entirely.  Larry and Dave work to develop a new 1300hp engine for this event – dubbed the “Monster” – as well as tackle all the other obstacles of making a 40 year old naturally aspirated car compete with the modern elite.  The team is looking for 220mph and they won’t take no for an answer.

Virginia City Hill Climb

The Hill Climb may be one of the oldest forms of racing in America, but it’s uncharted territory for Big Red.  Tucked away in the silver rich mountains of Nevada lies the historic mining town of Virginia City.  A landmark all year ’round, this weekend it will play host to one of the most exciting races in the world: The Virginia City Hill Climb.

For this race, the team will go back to Big Red’s original motor from 1989, the “Peanut”, but that’s only the beginning of what they’ll have to do to get the car ready for this totally new form of racing – not to mention the driver! Pushing it too hard at Virginia City has been the end of many drivers over the years. RJ will have his work cut out for him as he tries to get up to speed on this 5 mile, 22 turn, 1,200 feet elevation climb sprint.

Mojave Mile

This time Big Red is headed to a Flying Mile event closer to home. For a few weekends a year, the Mojave Air and Space Port lends their incredible facility to some of the fastest machines in the world…machines that do their flying without ever leaving the ground.

Big Red and the team consider Mojave their very own “backyard playground” and they intend to defend their turf.  Watch as the car evolves over a 5 year period, squeezing every ounce of speed they can get out of Big Red to keep her one step faster than the competition.  New motors, new body packages, forced induction and more.  Nothing is sacred when you’re going for the record, and this time RJ and the Team are playing for keeps.

El Mirage Dry Lake Bed

Big Red enters the world of Land Speed Racing at the birthplace of hot rodding on the west coast.  The historic dry lake bed of El Mirage is a vast and beautiful landscape that has become a bucket list item for Hot Rodders around the world.  For generations, this stretch of California desert has given speed enthusiasts a chance to pursue the question “How fast can I go?”

This is another new frontier for Big Red.  RJ and the Team are about to find out just how different driving on the hard packed dirt will be.  From top to bottom, front to back, Big Red will have to go through another complete transformation to perform in this celebrated race. Watch them as they attempt to join an elite club and score yet another record for the ’69 Camaro.

Bonneville Speedweek

Welcome to “Hot Rod Holy Ground”.  The Bonneville Salt Flats in western Utah have become one of the premiere destinations in the world for top speed.  Some of the biggest names in racing have been chasing World Records on this natural wonder for 100 years. Now Big Red will join the fraternity.

RJ and Big Red get ready to take on the salt surface and bring the car to new pinnacles on this incredible 5 mile straight line course.  Same as the dirt before it, driving on the salt presents it’s own unique set of challenges.  Poor conditions, blown motors, perplexing mechanical problems, nothing will stand in their way.  Join the team on their two year adventure to set a Bonneville Record of 250mph at one of the most revered venues in the world.

Mojave Magnum

Already the reigning champion at the Mojave Mile, Big Red is back to stretch her legs and see what she can do at the expanded 1.5 mile shootout: Mojave Magnum.  The dirt and the salt are one thing, but given an extra half-mile for Big Red to pound on the pavement, this is going to get crazy!

With a turbo-charged Lamborghini hot on their heels, RJ and the Team will have to be at the top of their game to stay out in front and remain the all-time Record Holder at their home track.  Will they be able to get the supercharger to work properly?  Will they truly claim the title of fastest ’69 Camaro in the world?  Find out in this thrilling series conclusion to Big Red: The Original Outlaw Racer.




The Car with a 25 year legacy inspired these talented film makers to embark on a 5 year journey to create the ultimate motorsports documentary.


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